Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever! 😂 The most fun drinking game to enjoy with friends at party

How to play 'Never Have I Ever'?

Someone begins a statement with "Never Have I Ever" (for example: "Never have I ever being in a party with my friends") If you have done said thing, take a drink. Simple and fun!

'Never Have I Ever' is:

- A simple drinking game to enjoy with friends at party
- You can play without internet, offline and online
- Add your own questions
- Totally full and free
- +600 questions
- 4 game modes
- Never Have I Ever is perfect for drinking at party.
- All types of questions from clean to spicy, hot and extreme and dirty
- Modes: Kids, Teens, Mixed, Adults
- Totally in English

3 types of questions:

😃 Normal: The funniest questions to discover your friends' secrets
😜 Mixed: A mixture of funny but also dirty questions
😈 Hot: The hottest and most spicy questions, just for seniors! The most extreme mode

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