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draw & guess Multiplayer online drawing game Guess the secret word

Pictionic ✏️ Multiplayer online drawing game in which your friends will have to guess the word the player draws!

Pictionic is:

- More than 1000 words and 8 categories: Random, Animals, Food, Sports, Professions, Places, Tools and Movies - Perfect pictionary game for a party and have fun with your friends and family - Draw with multiple rainbow colors palettes and brushes - Improve your artistic skills painting and sketch a perfect work of art or doodle

How to play Pictionic:

-The player who is going to draw & guess must be the only one who sees the word and cant pronounce any clue -The rest of the team will have to guess the secret word -The team with more points wins

If you like Pictionic or find an error leave a comment :D

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