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Truth or Dare 2 Spin the Bottle

Best Online multiplayer party Truth or Dare Game Good juicy truth or dare questions over text Thousands of truth or dare questions to ask

Truth or Dare 2 spin the bottle is a fun and addictive party game! Spin the bottle and answer the truth questions or the dare challenge! Includes 1000+ truths or dares!

How to play Tryth or Dare Spin the Bottle:
- Add the players
- Spin the bottle to start the truth or dare game
- Answer the dare or truth!

New! Now you can play truth or dare multiplayer online in company of the friends! Now you can spin the bottle online dare app!

Features of Truth or Dare Game Spin the Bottle:
- Know the most intimate secrets of your friends with this truth or dare dirty for adults extreme!
- Challenge your friends to complete the adults dares!
- T or d is appropriate to the whole family kids teens and adults accompanied by 4 levels of game. Truth or Dare 18 is for adults only
- Play with friends to tell you: I dare you!
- Perfect truth or dare multiplayer mode with unlimited players!
- Teuth or Dare Multiplayer now allows you to add photos of players!
- One of the best heavy dare games!

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